Thursday, May 25, 2006

Nirvana of a different kind?

Well, I pretty much am thoughtless at this current moment.. not restless.. Hmm, no, not sure.I've been staring blank-mindedly at my comp for like almost 45 minutes now, trying this and that to get myself going.. Na, its not the after-lunch syndrome.. its something else... I look at my planner with almost 5 tasks to get completed by close of play.. Well, its this way sometimes, rather somedays.

What the heck is this blankness all about? I'm so damn blank, I can't even analyze this. Mind without thoughts - Perhaps am getting a taste of Nirvana. Not quite sure I like it, though!!!


Aarthi said...

Hello Eagle Lady,
Nice to read you blog, mail me at
rt.fountainhead@gmail and let me know your phone number. I am going to be in Banglore from June 1 to June 12, would like to catch up with you.

Eagle lady said...

:-)Cool yaar... Chk your mail!!!