Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Whats more than waking up to a nice cuppa, sinking in the nectar sip by sip.. and letting it tingle your nerves, stir your soul, cheer your spirits and what not!!

Only a sensitive soul can enjoy a cup of tea and realise the divinity in the experience.... came across this nice poem wrote way back by a Chinese poet..

Chinese are incredible, huh?? Lu Tong... You rock, dude!!

The Seven Cups of Tea’ -Lu Tong (798-835)

The first cup caresses my dry lips and throat.

The second shatters the walls of my lonely sadness.

The third searches the dry rivulets of my soul to find the stories of five thousand scrolls.

With the fourth the pain of life’s grievances evaporates through my pores.

The fifth relaxes my muscles and bones become light.

With the sixth I find the path that leads to the immortal ancestors.

Oh the seventh cup! Better not take it! If I had it the only feeling

Is the fresh wind blowing through my wings,

As I make my way to Penglai.

-Lu Tong, Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618-907)


Anonymous said...

Its nice that the poem says Tea can be addictive and finally will lead you to the land of Mirages(Illusions)

Eagle lady said...

Anonymous, come over, lets discuss this over a nice cuppa..

Dev said...

Beautiful poem; There is this place called Cha Bar in Leela Galleria in Bangalore - you get a variety of Cha there - try it when/if you are coming down :)

Eagle lady said...

Oh, ok.. never heard of the place.. Cha Bar is it.. Will try... till now, I was of the impression "the more local the chai, the better".. like the ones you get from the seedy road side thattukadas on NH47 when you go from Coimbatore to Kerala...

bubbles said...

Ah! a fellow tea addict! Did that guy really have 6 cups of tea in a day to realize and write this one?

Eagle lady said...
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Eagle lady said...

:-) I am only surprised he had to have 7 cups of tea to write this.. I experience this after 7 sips of tea, day after day!!