Saturday, February 07, 2009

Jack and the Beanstalk

The hubby and I had been to this pantomime last evening - enjoyed it to the bits!
We had an enthusiastic 3 year old near us, popping out of his chair everytime the wicked magician came! It was funny to see him all nervous with clasped hands, whispering prayers for Jack as he climbed the beanstalk!

He even ran up the stairs to tell Heidi that "bad men" were hiding behind her!!! That kid stole the show, really - kept his poor ma on her toes running behind him all the time.

He strongly believed that his intervention could change things in the tale - totally oblivious to what the rest of the audience said or did !!

Innocence breeds unquestionable confidence - indeed!! indeed!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, this was in Kesgrave yeah??
Boo hoo... missed it... :-(

We had at Chris's mother's for the party... Nick would have enjoyed it!

- Tara

Anonymous said...

hahaha... that was damn sweet..the kid really got into the play :-)

The Eagle said...

Hi lostonthestreet,thanks for stopping by!
Oh yes, that kid really was into it. but thats what adds all the fun to a pantomime.. the room filled with yells and shrieks of kids who get so engrossed :-)

Aparna Krishnan said...

Pantomimes...!! Ah! I am reminded of Snow White, a pantomime in which I acted as the chief dwarf (Happy) when I was 6 :-)

I still remember Ms. Elizabeth Korea standing pretty close to St. Joseph's statue and giving us cues for the next move. Else, all of us would stand still. How fun to not move in a pantomime! :-)

I am sure watching fairy tales with kids around would be bringing it alive! :-)