Sunday, July 12, 2009

Greeny Blues

I look across from where I stand - It's all the same!

Endless stretches of little cubicles, stern faces, knit brows, eyes fixed on screens and fingers typing off furiously. Invariably, everyone here has a coffee mug, coffee stains from long long ago. The printer in the corner of the room screeches away incessantly. This is a crazy world!

I feel totally out of place. I wasn't meant to be part of this. I just wasn't made this way! It depresses me to think that this is where the rest of my life will be, irrespective of what my heart desires! How I would love to be out in the open, in the woods, near the stream, by the lake, on the hills - uh.. just about anywhere but here!

I have no choice but to stare at what this geek stares into. "Indoor plants help increase the positive energy in your work place" - reads the screen.Ah, so I see!! Wonder if any one's bothered about what happens to my energy amidst these buzzy machines and fuzzy minds!

- A little unluckly bamboo plant who was picked up to sit indoors and ironically called "lucky bamboo".


Dev said...

You know what, I get the same thought sometimes :D one of the things that is the reason why I wish to start all over again! Another reason for such a thought might be coz (god forbid!) you are on bench! :)

The Eagle said...

:-) I know! But, I've seen this current trend to bring anything green into the office and feel "cool" about the whole thing! I somehow dont see how it fits.

Dev said...

Save paper to go green - which logically means cost cutting :)

The Eagle said...

So, when the employer goes green, its the employee's turns to go blueee!!!