Monday, March 15, 2010

Science, what a joke!

Life is really funny, and what is more funny is the realization that it is so funny! And especially if it is late!

With due respect to all the scientists, mathematicians and technologists around - does science deserve the glory it currently enjoys?
After all, isn't science just a chronicle of observations that people have made over years? I dare say a good share of these observations have been proved wrong by another set of observations. That isn't a problem though, because you are still looked upon for having put forth your theory.

Perhaps the creative faculties are all that count! Perhaps its the creative acumen that really distinguishes people. I can't seem to see the creative aspect in science. After all can you create anything through science? Does that not contradict the classical definition of science?

Is this one of society's age old tricks? Glorifying scientists and technologists beyond what they really deserve to be.

What is the point?? Is there any point at all? Was there ever a point at all!! It certainly pays the bills, puts food on the table and ensures a roof above. I guess that is just as far as it can get!

Hmmm, I need a cup of tea in moments like these!!