Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Revisiting the crafty side of things!

My friends and family will be ready to bet on the fact that by no stretch of imagination can I be called an 'artsy-craftsy' person.

I'm almost embarrassed to let my childhood friends know that I have started sewing! Most of them would kill themselves laughing! They've been testimony to many an insult hurled at me by my high school needlework teacher! She was a lovely lady otherwise, but she had extraordinary fits of hysteria whenever she saw my needlework projects. I could never quite predict her reactions - she always caught me by surprise ( shock, more like!) with a much higher degree of disapproval than I thought was reasonable!

I can still hear her words ringing in my ears. "WRetCHed THing", she used to say! I'm not sure if the comment was limited to the piece of work or to the trembling twelve year old who hopelessly held it! The number of times I had to unpick and redo! Traumatic!

Well, I'm starting by up-cycling unloved things around the house - so I don't feel awful if I mess things up!
Anyways, I can see light at the end of the tunnel - a terribly long tunnel and an awfully small light, I should admit!

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