Friday, May 19, 2006

Whats in a city?

Ok.. so I have moved into Bangalore. The weather is good today, its been this way since I have come. This is welcoming - especially after the merciless scorchingly hot days in Pune. Frankly, nothing else has changed.

One relief for me as well as others - talking in Hindi(not sure you would call it that way when you hear me) isnt mandatory anymore.. Most of them are ok with Tamil, and a "Kannada gothilla" with a sheepish grin gets my victim going in Tamil or at the most Malayalam - which I can manage to an extent.

The other thing is that I've started travelling by the City bus transport regularly - something that reminds me of school and college.. Almost 7 years since I was a regular bus commuter.

And yes!!!!! I have resorted back to my favorite "The Hindu" after almost 1.5 yrs of being forced to read TOI.

Strangely though, I havent started missing Pune yet. Actually its an inertia of a different kind. I havent yet got off the "I'm relocating to Bangalore" bug yet... The unpacked cartons and the electricican popping in every day to give the final touches to the fixtures, and me literally camping in the house all by myself - all remind me that I havent still settled down.


Anonymous said...

Oy madam!!!

Welcome to Blore!!!


Satan said...

You didnt enjoy ur stint in pune or wht?

Eagle lady said...

I enjoyed Pune big time.. Lovely place, loads of friends, cool money and unmarried... Sure shot recipe for jolly good fun, eh?

having been a long time in Blore I should say, I dont like the city a wee bit even.. Pune was several times better!!!

Satan said...

Comment after one month??

Eagle lady said...

:-) I dont check my blog that often.. and I really dont have a means to track if someone has left me a comment .. Bad, I know.. will need to tweak something so I get an email or something when someone leaves a comment.

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